PPC Management

We are Google accomplices with more than 10 years of Google Adwords involvement with search promoting. At PROS we take our customers through a three-advance procedure to enhance their PPC campiagn (Pay-Per-Click) utilizing paid web search tool administrations like:

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Bing Adcenter

Understanding PPC Terminology

 You may know about what PPC stands for, yet you probably won’t comprehend what every one of these terms CPM, CPC, CPA mean. Maybe you may not know the distinction between Impressions, Views, and Hits or the significance of retargeting. That is the reason in the everyday administration of your crusades realizing these terms is eminently significant.

Good Landing pages make your work easier

 Importance isn’t only a SEO expression, it’s basic in PPC promoting. You’re spending more cash on transformations if your greeting page is less significant. Masters PPC specialists perceive the standards of presentation page configuration as well as how to test those standards. A/B testing is a strategy utilized by out PPC specialists to think about different points of arrival and improve changes. Our examiners additionally have understanding and access to outsider A/B testing programming.

Checking the Fraud Clicks

You should watch out for your details and log records in the event of suspicious movement and when you think if there is click extortion going on, you can demand a discount by imparting to the web crawler.

Keyword research is not an easy task

 PROS PPC management specialists invest a great deal of energy at first on watchword look into as it is fundamental to your prosperity is. Your battle will have extremely poor returns and you can rapidly debilitate your financial limit on the off chance that you don’t pick the correct catchphrases. 

Despite the fact that there are free catchphrase apparatuses, for example, Google’s Keyword Tool, can be utilized by anybody yet the best instruments are normally the paid ones. Paid devices would give you an upper hand, yet at a cost. Our PPC the executive’s specialists won’t simply stop at these devices. They will use different information focuses to fabricate an extensive image of the business scene.


Our Paid Search Services

PPC Strategy

 First, we establish your keyword strategy by researching the market and analyzing the data to determine what keywords will target the correct traffic for your key demographic. We perform a keyword analysis to find all the optimum keywords and other keyword combinations.
Second, we implement our creative strategy by setting the tone of the “ad creative” by combining broad and exact terms for a specific creative with call-to-action to convert clicks into sales.
Third, we use two sets of copies for each keyword group and test multiple versions of ads with the keywords.
Using these techniques we optimize your ad copy and conversion, targeting the right audience and appealing to the key demographic.

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